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Courses are available as a 2-course bundle, a 3-course bundle,
as well as separately. 


SketchUp 101 - Free!

In this beginners SketchUp course I will cover the basics, from downloading SketchUp to using commands like line, rectangle, group and offset. Even if you have played with the tools a bit, but still consider yourself a beginner, this course will be very helpful. I cover common frustrations, and some tips and tricks that will help you in your learning experience. 

Draw a Floor Plan - $99

Drawing a floor plan is essential to your design practice. SketchUp makes it fast and easy! In this course you will learn how to draw a floor plan in SketchUp which keeping your drawing organized for easier editing. 2D furniture and appliance symbols are provided and will be instrumental in all of your design projects.

3D Modeling - $125

Turn a floor plan into a 3D model! This course gives step-by-step instruction, best practices, and a solid workflow to organize your SketchUp model.

We will pick up where we left off with the floor plan from the floor plan course, extruding the walls, bringing in 3D furniture, adding custom textures and more!

Design Documentation with LayOut - $99

LayOut is a fantastic compliment to SketchUp. It is used for documentation of drawings at all phases of the project. Unlike SketchUp, the drawings are constrained to a paper size of your choice, and the drawings can be printed to scale. 


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