What can you draw with SketchUp?


2D Floor Plans

Although SketchUp is primarily a 3D modeling tool, starting with a 2D floor plan is part of nearly every interior designers workflow. SketchUp gives you the flexibility to think conceptually and the precision to design accurately.

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3D Modeling in SketchUp

3D Models

The ability to design and draw in 3D will not only help sell your designs to your clients, but it will also help you think through and problem areas in your design.

Let’s take your floor plans and transform them into 3D models!

Elevation Drawings SketchUp

Detailed Documentation

With the utilization of LayOut, creating documentation of your design can be detailed and thorough. As your design develops, your drawings in LayOut will too!

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Photorealistic Render with SketchUp

Photorealistic Renderings

Further customize the presentation of your SketchUp drawings by offering photorealistic renderings. This will further help your client visualize the space.

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