The SketchUp workflow Tammy teaches is logical and methodical and she provides amazing customer service, going above and beyond to help me tweak the models I’m working on. I’d highly recommend the courses in SketchUp For Interior Designers.
— GT
I love Tammy’s classes! It is really easy to get into the weeds of various drafting or CAD programs. Tammy simplifies the whole workflow process (a sign of genius is being able to simplify something that is complex!). I also appreciate that these classes are really geared to interior designers and our specific workflow and presentation needs. Tammy is also so helpful with questions in the Facebook Group. One of the best investments I have made!
— DG
I’m totally new to SketchUp. By watching your courses (over and over) you’ve got me up and running!
— CW
As a designer who’s trained in AutoCAD (but doesn’t want to invest in the software now that I’m running my own design biz), I’ve reluctantly made the switch to SketchUp for its affordability and ease of use. However, I knew there were important little tips that could make it easier - and I’m so happy to have discovered those in this course! Seriously, this course is a GAME CHANGER for learning SketchUp quickly and easily. Totally recommend.
— LM
These classes are well worth the cost. I find the teacher very easy to follow and the topics are exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended!
— MC
Loved this course! I have taken all of the online courses offered by this instructor and absolutely loved them. I started the courses with absolutely no background in SketchUp and after completing the courses I feel fairly comfortable with the program. The instructions are clear and at a comfortable pace for beginners.
— AK (Floor Plan Course)
I thought that I knew how to use SketchUp basics well, but my conception of this program was totally shattered when I took this course. I learned so much more from this course than any youtube video could possibly give me.
— AM - (Floor Plan Course)
After a year owning a copy of SketchUp Pro and not being inspired by online tutorials or books I discovered Tammy’s site and free intro courses. I immediately realized I could learn SketchUp and the proper workflow. I was lucky enough that a full day course was being taught in the next couple of weeks in LA and I signed up shortly thereafter. After 1 day I learned so much and came away feeling confident I could start immediately putting skills into practice on a project. My only hope it that Tammy and SketchUp for Interior designers comes back to teach the next level soon.
— MM (Live Training Course)
I personally enjoyed these free classes for the clarity and the precision of it. I liked how each videos reviewed and explained a basic tool. It was easy to go back to the video of the tool that felt more difficult to understand. These free classes are perfect for beginner with no previous knowledge of SketchUp or any kind of other program.
— SJ (Intro and webinars)
I was working on a particularly complex tile plan that needed to have a repeating pattern. Tammy was an exceptional teacher in that she showed me exactly how to create the pattern and apply it to my drawing. She always explains things very clearly and will show you several times until you have it. She is very patient! Thank you for all of your help!
— AL (Online tutoring)