Structure Sensor Review

Many of you have been asking me...

Have you heard of that new structure sensor that attaches to your iPad?
I wonder how it works!

I've heard of it, I've tried it, and I LOVE it!

The Structure Sensor attaches to an iPad, and with the use of an app, will scan a space for you. Then that scan is sumitted and becomes a 3D model (typically 1-2 day turnaround time). 

I first took the sensor out for a spin in a kitchen remodel in Los Osos, California. I'll admit I was a little skeptical at first. I thought... "really, I just take it for a little spin around the space and then submit the file?" It turns out it really that simple.

Getting the scan of a small kitchen and pantry took me a few minutes, and then I was done! 

Find a link with a 5% off coupon at the bottom of this post!

Find a link with a 5% off coupon at the bottom of this post!

I chatted with the client throughout the scanning process, and the only time I took out my digital tape measure was to record one field measurement, so that I could compare it to the model that would sent to me in a couple of days.

It normally takes me at least 30-45 minutes to measure a kitchen that size, and I certainly am not talking to the client while I do it.

I saved the scan, and once back at my desk, I submitted it through the app.

A few days later I was pleasantly surprised with a properly built model, already grouped and layered just the way I like it! (Cost per room scan is $29 at time of this posting.)

The resulting model

The resulting model

I was able to take out the existing cabinets easily, move the window slightly, and add in my own design. The result was this rendering...

SketchUp Rendering
SketchUp Rendering Kitchen

The end result was that the Structure Sensor saved me about 3-4 hours of measure time, and drawing time that I usually use to set up my model. This is even more time saved for those of you who don't feel as confident yet in getting you model set up and grouped properly. 

I will be posting a mini-course soon about how I've used it, a model that it's created for me, along with some downloads so that you can investigate for yourself what the sensor can create. But in the meantime, if you want to try it for yourself, you can find the sensor below. (This is an affiliate link).