Offering Freelance Rendering Services - Part 1

The duties of an interior designer are ever expanding. They enter the design field for the love of creating and procuring a vision for living, but lately, many designers are finding themselves with an overwhelming amount of tasks to fulfill. One of the newest tasks that clients are asking for is to create 3D renderings of a space so that they can visualize the design as well. 

Why is there a surge in requests for 3D modeling and photo realistic renderings? 

Clients who love to watch design shows see Chip and Joanna and house-flipping twin brothers showing their clients renderings and animations of what their space will look like before construction even starts. Our clients see these shows, and wonder if they too can see their space before it's built. I know this brings about some reluctance from designers, but this push (I believe) is a good thing!

Taking the time to create 3D models of the space during the schematic design phase will help convey designs to the client. It will show massing, how the color options work together, and help the designer talk a client in (or out of) a decision. Once the 3D model is developed, 2D drawings are pulled directly from the 3D model to document the design and plan for construction and ordering. 

Many designers are finding themselves with a choice to make.

"Should I learn 3D modeling?
Hire someone in my office who knows 3D modeling?
Or should I contract out my drawings?"

Many designers choose to create the drawings themselves because it can be a wonderful part of their design process. For others, outsourcing the drawings is the right choice because the prospect of learning a new software while keeping their business running seems overwhelming. 

This opens up a big opportunity for those who love to 3D model and design, but don’t like to (or are not able to) work with clients to source and plan for remodels and new construction. Over the next few days I will be highlighting my tips and advice for offering these services on a freelance basis.

Next: Who are you offering these services to?