New courses! SketchUp 2019 compatible Floor Plan and 3D Modeling courses are here.

I have been working hard to bring these new courses to you and I’m extremely proud of the content! 

Updated Workflow

Each year I refine the SketchUp for Interior Designers workflow and I think you’ll like the changes! The main changes are:
- Door and Window Symbols: Instead of drawing each door and window, I’ve included them in the provided template. It will add speed and efficiency! They come on their own layer for better control.
- Wall Grouping: This workflow teaches one wall group instead of two. It can be confusing to separate interior from exterior, so I’ve simplified it to include only one wall/floor group.
- Updated 2D Furnishing Template: I’ve added more furnishing symbols and updated old ones. Now your 2D floor plans can look even more professional.

More Great News

- Shorter Sessions: I’ve broken up the sessions into shorter videos making it easier to follow along and find information more quickly. 
- Compatibility: These courses will still be compatible with older versions of SketchUp with the differences noted throughout. SketchUp versions 2017, 2018 and 2019 are compatible with these courses. 
- The Price: The price of the courses has not gone up!

Need an upgrade?

If you you have purchased the last version of the Floor Plan course or the 3D Modeling course you are eligible for auto-enrollment in the new corresponding course(s). Email me at and let me know you’d like to upgrade.